Making clinic reservations

1. Login https://wesharemd.com/member-portal/
2. Select “Schedule a Clinic” > Select “Building”
3. Select “Date” and “Time” > Select “Exam room” or “Office”.
4. Select “Continue to cart”. If additional room is needed, select “Additional rooms”
5. Review details for building, date, time, type of room and “Order Summary”
a. Enter coupon codes (if available) > “Apply” and review new charge. If not, proceed next.
6. Enter credit card details > review “Terms of Service” > check box “I agree with these terms of service”. If you want to save using a prepaid plan, refer to Step C2 below.
7. Select “Checkout”. An email receipt and instructions will be sent.

Making changes or navigating back before checkout
1. Select “Change Amenities” to adjust or “Remove Reservation” to restart.
2. Select “Member Portal” to return to the home page.
Saving with Pre-paid Plans
1. At the Member Portal home page.
a. select “Buy a Prepaid Plan”
b. Select the plan > check out > pay via credit card. Payments are secure through authorize.net

2. At checkout, if there are no credits or “Clinics”
a. select
b. Select the plan > check out > pay via credit card. Payments are secure through authorize.net
c. “Order summary” will deduct the required clinic credits
d. “Checkout” similar to step A7.

Clinic time slots
Monday to Saturday*
Morning 8am-12pm
Afternoon 1pm-5pm

*all locations except UTC-La Jolla (M-F, 8am-5pm; Sa 8am-12pm) and public holidays

30-minute Overtime grace period and unused time
A 30-minute overtime grace period (depending on occupancy) is provided as a courtesy to members who may need additional time to close the clinic. A reminder will be provided at 30 minutes, before the next timeslot is charged. Members can always purchase more timeslots if rooms are available. Unused time does not carry over.
Cancellation Policy
To minimize potential no shows which may affect members, avoid cancellation fees by following this policy.

• If more than 7 days before clinic date, 100% refund.
• If less than 7 days before clinic date, 50% refund.
• If less than 48 hours before clinic date, 0% refund.

WiFi Login
WiFi network: WeShareMD
WiFi password: Weshare$
Mail Address and Mail Service
● You may advertise all clinic addresses on your marketing collaterals.
● Mail Service is only available to members who subscribe to our virtual office package. Follow these instructions to set up mail service.
On-site receptionist - role and responsibilities
● Front office patient check-in/out notification, directing patients to your office / exam room.
● Handing out and collecting patient registration forms - you will have to provide all patient forms and instruct receptionist to copy any relevant ID or forms
● Provide driving directions and take simple messages while you are in clinic
● Ensuring your rooms are clean and tidy.

● Scheduling, eligibility verification, entering patient form data into EMR, patient payment collection. (Provided by other service providers, see below)

Medical supplies
● Basic supplies such as gloves, gauze, wipes, exam table paper, 6 Oz sharp containers and medical waste disposal are provided.
● Please bring other supplies you need and you may store extra supplies in a rental locker for your convenience.
Service providers
Call centers (scheduling and appointments)
● http://www.answeringservicepro.com
● Other options https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/5473-best-call-center-services.html

Credentialing and billing
• Julie Watson, 619-733-5314, mcgavranbilling@gmail.com
• Sana Goss, 619-852-1272, sana@askmbs.com, http://www.askmbs.com/
• This billing starting guide is informative and includes useful checklists

Medical Assistants and Staffing
● https://www.medicalprofessionals.com/

Do you require a security deposit?
Yes. We require a security deposit that ranges in amount depending upon how many days/week you are renting:
1/2 day = $200
1 day = $300
1.5 days = $400
2.0 days = $500
2.5 days = $600
3.0 days = $700
3.5 days = $800
4.0 days = $900
4.5 + days = $1,000

The security deposit less a $100 standard cleaning fee is refundable at the end of your stay with us, but some or all of it may be forfeited if you default on your rent payments during your term or cause damage to the facility beyond normal wear and tear.

Does the daily rent go down if I’m renting there full time?
We are designed as a time-share medical office service and cater primarily to practitioners that want to have less than full-time access to the office and that can use the exam rooms as they come furnished and equipped.

If you have specialized equipment or furniture that you need in your room, you can still rent a room on a full-time basis of $600/week and that room would be dedicated exclusively to you. If you or we find another practitioner that could use the same furniture/equipment that you have in your dedicated room, then we could reduce your rent based on what the other practitioner pays for part-time access to the room.

Even if you choose to have a dedicated room, you’ll still have a great value- paying less than you would pay elsewhere, being in a great location and facility that you would likely not be able to access on your own and staying highly flexible and scalable and benefiting from the shared resources and networking opportunities of being one of our community of independent practitioners.

How do I pay my fees to you? What forms of payment do you take?
All rent is paid weekly, every Tuesday, using ACH draft from a designated checking account that you provide us and authorize us to charge automatically based on the specific rate spelled out in your Service Agreement. If your ACH bounces due to insufficient funds or account closure, there will be a $50 bounce fee charge per occurrence.

We also to take credit card payments, but there will be an additional 3.5% processing fee added for credit card payments, and you will still need to provide a bank account as a backup payment source in case the credit card charge doesn’t go through. We take checks and cash on initial sign up only, but after that, you’ll need to provide us with a bank account to debit each week.

Do you take a percentage of my billings?
NO, you keep 100% of your billings. We are here to help you build your practice, not ours. We do not operate any kind of medical or wellness practice ourselves. We are purely a real estate services company that is designed specifically to help practitioners like you to succeed and staying highly flexible and scalable. We offer medical office space and services for a fee and don’t ever get involved in your billings or revenue.
Do you offer referral incentives?
Yes! If you refer us to a medical company or professional who ends up signing a service agreement with us, you will get an Amazon.com gift card equal to 1/2 of their first month’s service fees. So, for example, if your referral contracts for a single room 2 days per week, you would receive an Amazon gift card for $340.
What term length do I need to commit to?
We keep it very simple and highly flexible. You start with as many days/week as you are ready for and you can easily add or remove days as you need in 1/2 day increments. You can terminate your occupancy with WeShareMD at any time with by providing a 12-week notice of termination.

Do I need to use the same day(s) of the week each week?
Yes. If you choose 2 days a week, you need to designate which days so we can block those days out on our calendar for you and so you can schedule your patients/clients to come on those days. So, for example, you would need to choose Mondays and Wednesdays and you would pay for every Monday and Wednesday each week. If you want to change days, please contact us and if those days are available, you can change days. But you can’t just come in on any 2 random days you feel like.
Can I store my materials and supplies there when I’m not there?
Yes! We have designed abundant locker storage areas for you to store any supplies and materials you want to leave on site when you are not renting a room. We have three sizes of lockers that you can rent for a small additional weekly fee. $5/week for small, $10/week for medium and $20/week for large. We also offer a limited number of lockable cold storage mini-refrigerators in the break room for those who want to store items that need to stay refrigerated. There is an additional fee of $10/week for your own lockable mini-refrigerator.
Will I use the same exam/consulting room every time?
Likely, but not guaranteed. The whole concept we are providing is a time-share concept and in order for the inventory of private exam/consulting rooms to be as flexible as possible, we don’t guarantee you can use the same room every time (unless you are paying for that room exclusively on a full-time basis). But all the rooms are very similar and all your supplies and materials you will store in lockers outside of the exam/consulting rooms.
What are the hours of operation?
The center is available 7 days a week, but you have access to it only during the days and hours you are contracted and paying for. You can choose anywhere from 1/2 day per week to 7 days per week. If you have a practice that uses evening hours, we can accommodate you too.

We break the day into three shifts as follows:

Morning shift is 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM (5.0 hours)
Afternoon shift is 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM (5.0 hours)
Evening shift is 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (4.0 hours)
Full day hours are 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM (10.5 hours)
Someone else might still be using your room for evening hours of 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Are you HIPAA Compliant?
Due to the multi-practice sharing nature of the medical office space we provide, we do not provide for or allow paper filing of patient records. All patient records are the responsibility of each individual practitioner and are to be stored electronically or off site. We do have recommendations for 3rd party electronic medical record (EMR) services. Each practice may be subject to different regulations regarding patient confidentiality and it is your individual responsibility to comply with any regulations applicable to your practice.
The door from the patient waiting room to the exam room area is locked at all times from the outside and patients can only be let through by a practitioner.
Can I place my own marketing materials in the waiting room?
Yes! There will be a designated area in the waiting room where all the practitioners that share space in that particular location can place business cards. Of course, you can leave any other materials you want with your own patients and you can network with the other practitioners in the center and cross-refer patients to each other. We also will have the option to advertise your practice and services on the main big-screen in the waiting room (for a small additional fee of $10/week).
Do you give exclusivity to any type of practitioner?
No. Every medical office sharing location is open to whatever practice our space is a good fit for. Every practice is unique, but we don’t offer exclusivity to any practice.
Can I use more than one exam/consulting room at the same time?
Yes. If you like to double book patients/clients and see two or more at a time, you can rent two or more exam rooms, but you will pay a separate fee for each room. Our rates are based on a per exam/consulting room basis.
What if I only need to use the space on an irregular basis?
We offer an Ad Hoc Plan for those that don’t want to commit to a specific day or days each week, but use the space on a more irregular basis. The Ad Hoc Plan is $25/week as the base Ad Hoc Membership fee, which enables you access to the location on a pre-scheduled, but ad hoc basis. Then to use the space the fees are hourly. $25/hour for an exam room. $10/hour for an IV station/chair and $10/hr for an assistant station. Must schedule in advance and subject to availability. Any cancellation or rescheduling must be done 48 hrs. in advance or fees will be forfeited. All payments will be made online through a registered bank account or credit card (additional processing fee of 3.5% applies to credit cards). A security Deposit of $500 applies to Ad Hoc Memberships. Terms are month to month. Must provide 4 weeks advanced written notice of termination.

Do you provide a receptionist?
The economics of our service offering do not allow for us to pay the salary to hire a receptionist to sit in the waiting room. We would have to charge much more than we do to justify that salary and our experience is that it is not worth it to us or to you.
Instead, we leverage technology to provide you a “Virtual Receptionist” in the waiting room. Here’s how that works:

When your patients or clients arrive at the location, they walk into the waiting room and will see a check-in station with a touch screen for signing in. When they sign in, they will choose which practitioner they are there to see and the system will notify that practitioner’s cell phone letting them know they have a patient or client there. The practitioner can then come out to the waiting room and let the patient in and take them back to whichever private exam/consulting room they are using. The door from the waiting room into the exam room area will be shut and locked from the waiting room, so that patients cannot just wander back unsupervised.

As for phone answering and scheduling, we recommend you use a good 3rd party answering/scheduling service that can get to know your specific needs and do all your scheduling remotely.

What services are not included in the rate?
Storage Lockers. You can choose to leave supplies and equipment in your own locker(s). We offer three sizes of lockers. Small for $5/week, Medium for $10/week and Large for $20/week. Available on a first come/first serve basis- but there should be enough to accommodate all practitioners.

IV Therapy Room The IV Therapy room is for practitioners that use IV therapies as part of their services. The IV Therapy room includes 4 comfortable recliner chairs and IV poles. You can have one patient doing IV Therapy while you are meeting with another in your private exam/consulting room. If you want access to the IV Therapy room during your designated day(s), there is an extra fee of $25/chair per day (or $12.50/chair for half days or evenings). In addition, we have a limited number of lockable mini-refrigerators in the break room for storing IV packs or other supplies that need to stay refrigerated. If you want to rent a mini-refrigerator, there is a $10/week cold storage fee. These fees are completely optional. If you don’t need IV Therapy and cold storage, you aren’t charged for them.

Assistant Stations. There is an Assistants Room with 4 stations where your assistant can work during the day(s) you are there, so they don’t have to be in the exam room with you. It’s a place they can do scheduling and billing with patients, take vitals, or make calls etc. Assistant Stations are available for $30/day or $15/half-day. This is completely optional.

Office Supplies Replenishment. There is a small charge of $5/day to contribute to the replenishment of paper, ink toner and machine maintenance for using the color laser printing/copying machine(s).

What services are included in the rate?
The services included in your rate are:

Use of a private exam/consulting room during your designated days/hours
Use of the common areas
High-speed Wifi internet
Virtual Reception/Visitor Management System
Listing on Name Directory in the Waiting Room
Place in the Waiting Room for your marketing brochure/cards
Sharps collection/disposal in all exam rooms
Use of professional grade color laser printing/copying/scanning
Janitorial and maintenance services
All utilities
Common parking for you
Designated and common parking for patients

What’s included in the private exam/consulting room?
Each private exam/consulting room comes fully furnished and decorated and includes:

A sink, countertop and cabinetry
A working desk and chair
2 patient chairs
An exam table
If you have different furniture needs than the standard, please discuss your needs with us and we’ll try to accommodate you.

What’s included in the common areas?
In addition to your use of a private exam/consulting room, you will also have use of the following common areas:

Fully furnished and decorated waiting rooms
Break area/break room
Lockable storage and cold storage (small additional fee)

What do I get for the daily rate I pay?
The daily rate you pay gives you access to the WeShareMD facility and the use of a private exam/consulting room as well as the common areas during your designated time slots. All utilities, janitorial, and maintenance are included in your rate as well as high-speed Wi-Fi internet.

Your business name will be listed on the directory in the waiting room and there will be a spot in the waiting room to leave business cards.