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Much More Than Office Space

WeShareMD is the first and largest provider of co-sharing medical suites. We have reinvigorated the shared medical suite for the modern medical professional’s evolving needs. Built to be flexible and scalable, our client’s pay 1 price to access a multitude of strategic locations. We believe your time and resources should focus on your patients, to build your practice i.e. not tied to long, expensive leases – leave all startup hassles to WeShareMD.

We believe the WeShareMD plans work for 3 distinct groups: 

1. Startup: Medical professional fresh out of residency or working for a large medical group and has a desire to begin a private practice.

2. Growth Stage: Medical professional or larger medical group that has one or multiple offices that would like to scale into other markets without having to bare the financial burden of opening a standalone office and signing a long-term lease agreement with a landlord.

3. Part-time Medical: Medical professional that has been practicing in their own office and is looking to retire or scale back their practice. Does not want to sign a long-term lease but would still like to practice medicine part time.

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Now Open For Business in southern California. Schedule a tour to view. Ideal for new and growing practices, temporary or short term medical spaces and satellite medical offices. Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you soon.